I'll be performing at Studio Current in Seattle, WA on Friday, December 21st for the first of their Dreamy AF series. Event info can be found here.


Hey. Hi. Hello. I've moved to a new coast, and will be performing my first live set in 3 years as part of Bellingham, Washington's Alternative Library's 11 year anniversary celebration entitled Fragments of A WAKE in Progress: A 24-hour festival of performance and installation art.

AltLib Fundraiser, death/rebirth festival/ritual
A wake for print media, a wake for libraries, a wake for originality, a wake for truth, a wake all night long

Check out the event page or their instagram @bhamaltlib for updates on set times.


I'm performing at the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian church in Somerville, MA with Retribution Body and Patrick Emm on December 5th. Details here. I am retiring the moniker Teeth Like Operas. Future shows and recordings will be under the name YTTRIA.


Last-minute gig this Friday at Diabolical Records in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sandwiched between WII U Mario Cart competitions. Details here!


I'm performing tonight at 3rd Life Studio in Union Square, Somerville as part of the monthly Opensound series. More information can be found here.


I will be performing at a Futurist Dinner Party at Future in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, January 17th. More on the event here. It's gonna be pretty rad, by all appearances.


I will be performing next week on Friday the 29th at Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain with Retribution Body and Noell Dorsey. Details can be found here

I also have a show coming up on September 10th, at the Middle East--upstairs. I, along with Warped Forest and Burglary Years are opening for Alice Boman. Details on that can be found here.

I've posted more information about the OPENSIGNAL installation that I was a part of in May here.


A track of mine, red-painted right hand of god, is included on a YDLMIER cassette compilation. YDLMIER is a label that releases tapes from New England experimental musicians. The release event is today at WSAC in Somerville, MA from 2-11pm. More information about the event can be found here. (Once again. apologies for posting information about this so last minute.)


A 30 minute piece of mine, entitled Somerset Repeater, is part of an installation at Galerie Area in Paris, France. The installation runs from 4pm today to 4pm tomorrow, the 22nd. It is curated by the record labelTsuku Boshi. Details can be found here. I wish so badly that I could be there for it!

I've composed a piece that will be part of a collaborative sound installation for OPENSIGNAL Festival at Brown University this coming weekend. The festival begins on Friday the 16th at 7pm, and Saturday at 1pm. The festival includes the installation, live performances, record sales and swaps, and artist talks. Information about the festival can be found here.


I performed on January 10th at Washington Street Arts Center in Somerville, Massachusetts. A friend kindly recorded it for me. You can view the video to the right, or on YouTube here.

I promise that next time, I'll actually alert you

before the show.



My new album, Keue Yeo is finished and available to purchase. It is a limited-run cassette release of 50, containing songs that I recorded in 2011. These songs mean a great deal to me, and so I took care in designing and making the packaging that houses them. Each case is one-of-a-kind and handmade from scraps of second-hand leather clothing, sewn at home, with hand-painted details on the packaging as well as the artwork enclosed. 

To the right are some previews, including an excerpt of the first track, and a glimpse of the handmade packaging. Additional excerpts can be heard on soundcloud.

This album is an invocation to Murcielago, the Zapotec bat god that, among other things, is a bridge between heaven and hell. A deity to carry me up and out of the depths of a trying year. Much gratitude is due to all those who have supported me and encouraged me this past year, during these dark days and hours. 

The track listing is as follows:


bound by grass

under the pipes of solomon (excerpt)


so many other places

mirrored hall

Each cassette is $8, plus $2 for shipping to US & Canada, $4 for shipping internationally. To purchase the tape, e-mail me at hugeancestor@gmail.com to inquire about availability. Purchases will then be made through Paypal.

Thanks be.

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